• Indic language Support
    It allows users to enter text in any of the Indic languages using a Latin (English / QWERTY) keyboard.

  • Multiple File Format Support

    • MS Office : Word, Excel and PowerPoint
    • Image : TIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP
    • Document : PDF, Text

  • Multiple Keyboard layout Support
    It allows the users to choose the keyboard layout of their choice. Several keyboard layouts are supported.

    • Hindi : DivLys, Kruitdev 010, Aryan2, Agra, Arjun, Richa, Chanakya
    • Gujarati : Avantika, Saumil, Saral01,
    • Marathi : Shivaji, Shusha

  • Real-time Collaboration
    Elite Proof supports real-time proofing feature. This feature allows multiple users to work on same document at same time. You and your clients can now proof, chat and make comments anywhere on the same document in a real-time threaded conversation and can be anywhere in the world. This means you can see live comments and changes instantly. No need to refresh your page just to see the changes. Users collaborating on the same document see each other's color-coded rectangle, oval or freehand annotations in real time and can create conversations by replying to or commenting on existing annotations.

  • Cloud Storage
    Elite Proof allows the users to customize their Cloud Storage. You can choose your own storage or use the default storage provided with the tool.

  • Multi Document Loading
    The Tool allows to load multiple documents simultaneously.

  • Large Document Support
    The tool uses a content streaming technology which allows it to load very large document having several hundreds of pages.

  • Simple Graphics Annotation Tools
    Markup and comment on files using the pen, box, arrow or comment annotation tools.

  • Text Selection Tool
    Select text to provide more detailed feedback on content. Highlight, replace, remove or insert additional text.

  • Compare File Versions
    See what changes have been made by simply comparing previously proofs or upload and manage new file versions directly from your workflow.

  • Dashboard
    The dashboard displays individual task and files they are responsible for delivering, by when and to whom. The dashboard also allows to share their document with others. It also displays the files that are in need of their attention.

  • Email Notifications
    Emails are sent automatically, to the right people, at the right time. People who are more comfortable working from their inbox can still participate at every step of the process.

  • Content Sharing
    You can share the proofing or Proof Reviewing with external users who can provide you valuable feedback about the content.

  • Chat one-on-one or in groups
    Elite Proof not only lets you chat with team members and clients one-on-one, but also lets you group chat. This helps to share ideas, discuss issues, find answers and stay in sync.

  • Visible Threaded Comments
    Single level commenting allows a user to post a comment to a post. Threaded commenting allows a reader to reply to other reader comments on that post. Threaded comments allow online conversation about designs/options.

  • System Output after Proofing and Proof Review
    For PDF, Text, Excel, PowerPoint, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP the system generates Pdf Report with annotation and comments.

    For MS Word document the system generates PDF Report and MS Word Document with track changes and Comments.

  • Mac and PC compatible

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