EliteProof: Real-time Proofing, Reviewing and Correction System

Product Description

EliteProof is online proofing, reveiwing and auto correction system.
It allows the user to proofread and review multiple documents using simple online interface.
The EliteProof system provides process tracking and reporting functionality.

Proofing Tool

EliteProof supports real-time proofing feature. This feature allows multiple users to work on same document at same time. You and your clients can now proof , chat and make comments anywhere on the same document in a real-time threaded conversation and can be anywhere in the world. This means you can see live comments and changes instantly. No need to refresh your page just to see the changes. Users collaborating on the same document see each other's color-coded rectangle, oval or freehand annotations in real time and can create conversations by replying to or commenting on existing annotations.

PDF Report for Correction of Source Document

Automatically Edited Word Document with track changes and comments

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