Can Elite Writer work without an Internet Connection?

Yes. Elite Writer Typing Software for Windows is not dependent on Internet connectivity. It is an offline program which resides on the background of your Windows operating system. All you need to do is to enable Elite Writer, select your language and you are ready to type in any Windows-based application like Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc.

If I create a document using Elite Writer, can I view it on another machine that does not have Elite Writer?

Elite Writer is based on Unicode (universal standard for representing text in different scripts) and is not dependent on a particular font. Hence a document created using Elite Writer can be viewed on another machine on which Elite Writer is not installed.

I see strange boxes like these - ? ? ? ? when I type. How can I fix this?

The problem is that Unicode fonts are not available. The characters appear as boxes or question marks.Just change the font of text to appropriate font which has that unicode range in which you typed.

Which applications does Elite Writer work with?

it supports almost all Windows and Internet based applications in which you need to type.

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