Elite Font Converter (ऍलीट फॉण्ट परिवर्तक)

Elite Font Converter is a conversion tool which converts Legacy font data to Unicode data and vice versa as well. It also converts from one Legacy font to another Legacy font.

It supports Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Oriya languages. Elite Font Converter supports all Legacy fonts available in the market.

Elite Font Converter Plug-ins / Addins

InDesign Plugin

PageMaker Plugin

MS Word Addin

MS Excel Addin

MS PowerPoint Addin

EliteFontConverter - Desktop Application

We know that Legacy font( KruitDev 010, Shivaji01, Aryan2, Akruti, Shree-lipi, APS, Chanakya ) developed by different company have different font encoding.

Sometimes we need to change the font of a document due to client requirement or missing fonts. If the new font's encoding is different from the old font, then the data becomes meaningless.

To solve this problem Ankursoft has come up with font conversion tool for MS Word, PageMaker, CorelDraw and InDesign.

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