• Convert Legacy font data to Unicode.

  • Convert Unicode to Legacy font data.

  • Convert from one Legacy font to another Legacy font.

  • Supports MS Word, Corel, InDesign CS3 and PageMaker documents.

  • It retains the document formatting and font-size while converting the documents.

  • Hyperlink and footnote text of word document are also converted.

  • MS Word Addin 32 bit and 64 bit versions are available.

  • CorelDraw Plgun-in is available for all the Corel Versions(32 bit and 64 Bit).

  • It supports GIST Open Type Fonts developed by GIST Labs.

    • Bilingual font
    • Bilingual-Web font

  • It supports Shree-Lipi Fonts.

    • Monolingual Shree-Lipi 1,2,3 font layouts (SHREE???)
    • Monolingual Shree-Lipi 6 font layout (SHREE-NNN-????)
    • Monolingual Shree-Lipi 6 font layout Web fonts(SHREE-NNN-????W)
    • Monolingual Shree-Lipi 7 font layout(SHREE-NNN7-????)
    • Monolingual Shree-Lipi 7 font layout Web fonts(SHREE-NNN7-????W)

  • Supported Legacy fonts

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