Is it possible to convert the word document having Legacy font to Unicode without affecting formatting of text?

Yes, Elite Font Converter addin converts the Legacy font to Unicode without disturbing the formatting of text.

Can we convert the Unicode data to Legacy font data?

Using the EliteFontConverter Desktop Application, you can convert Unicode data to any Legacy font data. If the legacy font is not installed on your system, you will see junk characters. Using the MS Word Addin tool you can convert the Unicode data to only installed Legacy font data. To Convert a word document having Unicode data to Legacy font, the Legacy font must be installed on your system.

How to Enable Word Font Converter?

If MS Word is forcibly closed while running EliteFontConverter then MS Word will disable the EliteFontConverter add-in. How to Enable EliteFontConverter in MS Word instruction is given in PDF document. Click here to download it.

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